From the President . . .

May 2019

Vol. 76, No. 7

From the President . . .

This coming year, our Temple will be planning several “Special Events”.  First will be the WELCOME, meet and greet cocktail soiree for Rabbi Eric Mollo on Saturday, July 20th,  a Special Service and Oneg for our new Torah covers, a Special Service for Don Kronick who was very instrumental in the sale of our Temple Apartments, Rabbi Mollo’s formal Installation Service, our Annual Fundraiser, The Honoring Luncheon in October, the 174th Anniversary of our Temple and more.  The Kehila Committee will be instrumental in organizing these events, but they could use a few more hands.  It is a new year with a new Rabbi.  This is your Temple.  Let us bring Temple B’nai B’rith back to the happy, vibrant Temple doing more things and getting more people involved.  This is not a full time commitment, just pick an event that interests you and join in the fun.  Kids are welcome to help, too.

You can call the office and let Megan know you would like to volunteer and a committee chair will get back to you.  You may also call me at 570-357-0773 if you have any questions.

I am looking forward to an active, back on track year.  

Gerald B. Feifer


Temple B'nai B'rith