Project Update #4 from the House & Property Committee

As noted in a previous report, two projects will be undertaken at the TBB Cemetery. At the December 2018 TBB Board meeting, Panzitta Enterprises was selected for the removal & replacement of 2323 square feet of deteriorated existing sidewalk. This represents nearly 50% of the sidewalks at the cemetery. The second project, repairs & recoating of the maintenance shed at the cemetery, was also awarded to Panzitta Enterprises.  Both projects will commence once warm weather arrives this Spring.

Also at the December meeting, Panzitta was selected to remove & replace approximately 60 lineal feet of deteriorated concrete curbing at the parking lot side entrance to TBB. This work will also commence once warmer weather arrives.

Other items discussed at the December meeting were:

  • The protocols for lowering the flag, assigned to Megan & Dave, and the purchasing of 2 solar powered lights to illuminate the flag pole.

  • Accepting a 16 point quarterly service check list for maintenance on the new HVAC system as submitted by C. W. Schultz & Sons.

  • -Updating a 2009 proposal for masonry repairs & renovations associated with correcting water infiltration at the back/rear brick wall @ TBB.

At the January meeting of the TBB Board the H & P Committee presented a proposal from Masonry Preservation Services  for $63,600. Matching brick (available from the old JCC Building will need to be obtained, a process which is being pursued. With electric service work by UGI & a contingency for unknown conditions, I suggested an allowance of $75,000 be ear-marked for this project.

Also at the January meeting, the H & P Committee was asked to investigate the costs associated with hiring of a Judicia Appraiser to review TBB’s extensive collection of Judicia art & silver & to update a cost for the renovation of the front travertine façade of TBB.