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TBB Worship and Ritual Committee

The (Worship and) Ritual Committee, as directed by the TBB Bylaws, is responsible for making recommendations to the TBB board and congregation.  Subsequently, we have worked throughout the past year to help the full board establish music and ritual practices, which has been our duty and sometimes a challenge, particularly during this time when we have had a “vacancy in the pulpit.’  We continue to fulfill our duties according to the bylaws and:


    i.         Recommended and worked to schedule a series of visiting rabbis and cantors (for holiday and shabbat services).

   ii.         Helped the visiting service leaders work with the choir director and choir

  iii.         Helped all leaders to create music and ritual practice

   iv.         Helped maintain services and ceremonies in the sanctuary and auditorium, including:

    v.         Proper shabbat and holiday services during a year-long vacancy in the pulpit

   vi.        Helped contract with complementary ritual personnel


We are grateful to the many volunteers who have helped shabbat and TBB continue during this past year.  We appreciate the rabbi search committee and others for work to hire and prepare for a new full-time rabbi (Rabbi Eric Mollo, starting July 5, with formal installation on July 20, 2019).  We are also happy that our long-time service leader (Chazzan), Cantor Melissa Adleman, has been asked to return to lead high holiday services in the fall.


We also, as always, worked to distribute high holiday honors among member congregants, worked to create special events and services (sometimes with Midrasha and/or Temple Israel), and worked with House and Property to complete design and purchase of new decorative Covers for three of our Torah scrolls.


We’ve appreciated Michael Polgar’s committee leadership and are glad he can serve at TBB Vice President.  Consequently, we welcome Adina Rosenthal to our committee as new co-chair (with Susy Rosenmann-Weiss). 


Shabbat Service Scheduling for June 2019 will include a special oneg to celebrate the work and support of Cantor Naomi Hirsch (June 28) and Rabbi Margorie Berman (June 14).  We appreciate the work of the board, the building staff, and our office staff to create a special event on July 20 to welcome and install Rabbi Eric Mollo.  We welcome Rabbi Mollo, along with his wife, Rabbi Carolan Glatstein, their daughter, Isabelle, and his dog, Yeti.



Michael Polgar Ph.D. & Susy Weiss, June 2019

Temple B'nai B'rith