Midrasha Hebrew School is a combined school between Temple B’nai B’rith and Temple Israel. School sessions are on Thursday afternoons and Sunday mornings. The school is led by the Rabbi’s from both synagogues along with school principal, Gerri Kaplan.

If you would like more information about our school, please feel free to call us at (570) 287-9606.

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May 2019 Midrasha News

     April showers bring May flowers and it also brings Passover.  Midrasha participated in model Seders on April 14th.  Each class had a Seder that was appropriate for their age and ability.  The pre-school and Kindergarten loved the story of the Exodus.  The children were very interested in the ten plagues.  Not all the children were thrilled with all the Seder food, but they were willing to sample some of it.

     The older students were also divided into different groups to participate in their own Seder.  Discussions ensued about the Exodus and the crossing at the Red Sea.  The children asked great questions and the morning was a great success.  I enjoyed going from room to room to listen to the discussions and watch the children learn the story of Passover.  I am sure they were all eager to participate in their own family Seders.  Thank you to all of the parents and board members who helped to prepare the Seder food.  The children had all the Seder food including matza balls and soup.

     As our school year is coming to a close the school board is continuing to evaluate our agreement between both temples and will make changes if necessary to ensure the smooth running of our school. We look forward to meeting Rabbi Eric Mollo from Temple B’nai B’rith.  Rabbi Mollo will begin his duties as of July 1st.  The board looks forward to working with Rabbi Mollo.

     As we conclude our second year we wish everyone a wonderful summer and we look forward to next year.  As always if you have concerns about anything please call Gerri. Remember to ask your children about their year in Hebrew school and what they have learned.

Bedonna Mitchneck

School Board Chair